EBF Focus
Challenging the Current Paradigm for ADA Testing
21-22 September 2023, NH Málaga, Spain




Applying the principles of Context of Use (CoU) for Biomarker assay validation and analysis continues to be one of the most important areas for discussion in the bioanalytical community and its stakeholders today. Although surveys and feedback at meetings pretend that adoption is becoming reality, day-to-day practice shows a very diverse picture with many continuing to feel uncertain of applying CoU for various reasons.

From all discussions at our meetings and internally in the EBF community, the lack of examples of how to apply CoU in Biomarker research is a prominent reason of slow adoption. Hence, this Focus Workshop aims at sharing day-to-day experience from our members and from submitted abstracts and to discuss them in detail, not shying away from candid discussion identifying areas of erroneous application of CoU principles and certainly highlighting successes.

MEETING AGENDA & FORMAT (details in PDF hyperlink below)

Considering the discussions in the EBF BM team and the submitted cases, we were able to build an agenda touching on all challenges related to understanding the values and challenges on using CoU principles for stakeholder communication, BM assay valdiation and sample analysis.

You can find the current version of the agenda here